Although not born in Ireland, we love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by spending it with family. When my daughters were young, this would involve a lot of crafts with green paper and glue and going to the local town to see the parade. As my daughter, Hannah is no longer living at home and my younger daughter Mihiret is a teenager, nowadays the day is spent relaxing, going for a long walk in the countryside with our dogs, maybe a bit of pottering in the polytunnel and cooking something like a Shepherd’s Pie, albeit vegan! This year the plan is to watch the beautiful Irish movie “Song of the Sea” again. We adore watching animated movies together.


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Since this year’s St. Patrick’s weekend is long, we hope to head out to Co. Clare’s coastline on one of the days to take in the beautiful scenery of the Wild Atlantic Way and step out for a long walk to take in the sea air followed by eating in one of the many fabulous foodie places. Perhaps a trip outdoors in nature will inspire my next illustration!


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Days like these make us reflect on our heritage and the importance of culture, connectivity, and art too. I have drawn quite a few illustrations inspired by the Irish culture such as my Telefón box and my singer sewing machine.


Singer - Inspired by the beautiful patchwork of green fields in Co. Tipperary in the Spring and Summer.

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St. Patrick's day traditions are different for everyone, what do you and your family or friends usually do on St. Patrick's day?


Telefón - Imagine the conversations that were held in these phone booths the length and breadth of Ireland. Many a romance kept alive!

irish telefón telephone art print gift st. patricks day illustration


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Hannah McCarthy