These last number of weeks I have spent some time creating my brand new Father's Day cards. I worked on illustrating five new cards, so everyone can find the perfect card for their Dad!

I have been so excited to share my new designs you could even say, over the moon...




This is my first design, inspired by my Husband's love of astronomy. I may not have positioned the planets in their correct places but I think your Dad will understand when you tell him he is 'The best in the world'.



This next one I had a lot of fun with! If you look closely each book is Dad related, my favourite one being 'Best Mowers' by The Green code. Which book best describes your Dad?



I also decided to make a more simple design but in a way that you still tell them that they are indeed, simply the best. 


Next up is this blast from the past, with my cassette tape illustration. Because all Dads need to be told that they still rock!


Lastly here is one of my favourites, because 

Dads really do give the best hugs, don't they! Let your dad know with this cute moon and star illustration. A gorgeous card from your son or daughter to their Dad.

This past year has shown us how important it is to shop Irish and support local businesses, so let's continue the small business love this Father's Day 2021.

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