Staying safe during lockdown

Yep, ironing the post to kill off potential traces of the Covid-19 virus that may be lurking on the envelope. In all fairness, I did that only once. My husband would just throw the post in the van and leave it there to stew for 24 hours or so, especially if the envelopes were brown. Fleur thought it was hilarious and I think most of her friends have now seen me ironing these two letters. I probably went viral on Snapchat and am none the wiser, as I don’t have that app. I also found a huge bottle of Dettol lurking under the sink and proceeded to make the whole house smell like a small hospital. I gave that up fairly quickly too. I still wipe down all the shopping once I get it home. You are probably now have visions of me steeping all my veggies and fruits in the bath full of soap suds. I would have to disappoint you there, I’m afraid.

Mimi’s last school day was Friday, April 10th. Fleur had finished her job in Dublin and had moved home again a few weeks before that. My husband was staying home. So, here we were, the four of us plus our two dogs, all together in the house. I am quite the introvert, so I felt a bit panic stricken on the thought of all of them to be home all the time. It is usually just me and the dogs. In all fairness, things have been very good. My husband took it upon himself to busy himself from 8am to 6pm with jobs that were waiting for him for a long time. Gardening, painting, clearing the shed and many other great things were done while he was home. Mimi took homeschooling very seriously and has now a set of square eyes. Fleur has been cooking up a storm (actually delicious food), has helped me with social media and is the greatest walking partner. We managed to do some lovely walks within our quarantine zone.

There weren’t any disagreements until we took receipt of the game “30 seconds” and played it that evening. Turns out playing Scrabble was not much better, as my husband thought he couldĀ  single handedly conjure up new words for the Oxford Dictionary, which was then hotly disputed by the other players. All fun and games here!

The inspiration for this design was the thought of being together in the house.

In a tight spot