Perfectly Imperfect


The Perfectly Imperfect Card Bundle contains 5 greeting cards and postcards which have slight imperfections; because here at Fleur & Mimi we don’t like waste and, we believe that nobody is perfect!

We are always aiming to be as sustainable as possible here with our FSC certified paper, recycled envelopes, and compostable cello bags. So, instead of throwing out these perfectly imperfect cards, you can play your part for the planet and shop a little more sustainably!

Each imperfection can vary from card to card from tiny damaged edges to slight discolouring on the back, but are still a great way to send some sustainable-love to friends and family.

  • A selection of 5 different greeting cards and/or postcards
  • All with very small imperfections from small bends to dicolouration (front illustration will not be affected, only slight ink smudges on the back from the printing process)
  • Comes with accompanying recycled envelope (1 per greeting card)
  • Does not include compostable cello bag
  • Wrapped in recycled brown paper

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