What’s the difference between an Art Print and a Giclee Art Print?

Looking for some new wall art for your home, maybe a cute framed print for your bedroom or big print for the living room? I have created a unique variety of hand illustrated designs in all sizes, all bursting with colour, there is something for every occasion (or every room in the house!)

Fleur & Mimi - Art Print - We Are One

If you are just browsing or looking for a specific design keep in mind the two types of prints I offer. You might have seen in the menu Art Prints and Glicee Art Prints and thought, what is the difference? Let me help!

Why choose a Glicee art print? My Glicee art prints are a just that extra little bit special. If you choose to buy one of these it will be handprinted by me at home on 250 gsm paper with museum grade inks and is always hand signed by me before its wrapped up with love and sent off in the post!

But if you are looking for something a little on the cheaper side why not take a look at my Art Prints! In here you will find a bigger variety of sizes all the way up to A3. These prints are printed on high quality 250 gsm paper, bursting with colour and are beautiful both framed and unframed. Maybe you are looking for something wordy, perhaps an inspirational quote or a floral illustration of an Irish Telefón box (one of my most popular prints!) 

Check out my ‘NEW’ section in the menu where you will see all of my most recent designs!