Christmas Tree, or rather branch

Time hurtling along, it is the 8th of December and the girls are begging me to get a Christmas tree. Probably something to do with last year’s acquisition of a tree, well rather half a tree… Which was brought home on the 23rd of December by my husband. The tree was already netted. You know the moment where you snip the netting and the branches unfold themselves. In this case only half a set of branches unfolded, on one side of the tree only. Couldn’t blame my husband (I tried) as it is impossible to tell when it is all wrapped up. On the upside, it was super quick to decorate.

But back to trying to get my husband to get a tree, because he can put it on the roof rack of his van and it saves me picking every last needle out of my car with tweezers. He is a bit reluctant, as he feels he can’t get it ever right. One year I went and bought a tree and the fact that half of it was hanging out of our estate car, should have been an indication that it was quite big. But hey, don’t they look tiny when you run around the Christmas tree farm frantically trying to pick the perfect tree, while the owner follows you around with the chainsaw (not for us, but for the trees obviously). I told my husband the following year we didn’t need such a big tree again, as we had to lop off quite a bit off the base. And so we sent him off on a mission for a somewhat smaller tree. That year he came back with a tree that despite placing it on a high table, we only could see half of it eyeing it up from our couch. We fondly refer to it as the two-foot-tree.

This design for a Christmas card was a result of our annual impossible mission and a reluctant husband!

I’ll just go into the garden and chop off a big branch and decorate that then…