I am Bea van der Zwaag, a Dutch illustrator & surface designer living in Ireland.

I grew up in the north of the Netherlands, but having lived for many years in Germany and the UK, I am now living in in a lovely rural area in Co. Tipperary with my husband, two daughters (a.k.a. Fleur & Mimi) and our two dogs.

I love to create colourful designs inspired by the many things I am surrounded by, nature, colours, books, to name a few. I try to make up for the typical Irish inclement weather by using bold & bright colours.

Contact me at me@fleurandmimi.com if you would like to work with me.

Psst… I don’t look anything like the lady pictured here. I am very camera shy, so you probably won’t find any photos of me on the website!

Bea x

My view from the Velux window of the office

Said Velux window!