Hello World!

Hello World!

Fler & Mimi - Surface Pattern Design Studio, Ireland

View from the office

Here I am, writing this blog post … Finally having made the decision of leaving the IT world and instead heading down the path of surface pattern design. After humming and hawing for at least three years, I have become more and more disillusioned with the work and dealings with some customers (the majority were fabulous though!)

A little bit about myself. I was born in the Netherlands into a big family with 4 brothers and 2 sisters, all the way up north a few miles outside of Groningen, a lovely university city. My mum was always sewing for us and did lots of crafts with us. I can remember her coming home with wallpaper sample books, which we used for our craft projects. She would take us to the nearest town to get fabric for yet another sewing project. She was taught dressmaking and made her own wedding dress. She taught me how to use the sewing machine, with the result that I can just about follow a sewing pattern. I did textile arts in secondary school and loved it. I have a love for gadgets (which my husband can attest to) and studied to become a bi-lingual secretary just to get my hands on an electric typewriter ;-). After having worked in administration for a few years, I decided I had made enough cups of coffee and retrained to become a software engineer. I have worked in IT since 1987, having worked for blue-chip companies, including Habitat. I am self-employed for the last 14 years, working from my home office.

I have lived in Germany (where I met my husband) and moved to live with him in the UK and we now live in Ireland with our two daughters and two dogs in the countryside. The weather might not always be great, but the views are spectacular and I have a 50ft polytunnel where I can potter in all weathers giving us lots of veg and fruit over the summer months.

I am not sure where this new adventure will take me, but I sure find enjoyment again sitting behind my computer.

Come and join me on my new venture!