Create Christmas

Just before Christmas I decided to take Victoria Johnson’s Create Christmas class. I was wondering if it was a good idea so close to Christmas, with workload, etc. I am so glad I did join!  Her briefs, trend boards, the gorgeous colour palettes and industry information were invaluable.

What stood out most, was her being actively involved in giving feedback on the designs everyone put up on the Facebook group she created. Working from home it can feel like being in a vacuum and taking an online class where the tutor does not provide any or little feedback on students’ work does not help in this matter.  The designs and feedback from other students on the Facebook group were inspirational and there was just a lovely and friendly atmosphere. I was unable to partake in the Create Christmas 2 class, but I certainly will take other classes given by Victoria.

And the cherry on top? One of my designs being featured on the Print & Pattern blog:

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